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  • Canapes ( minimum 30 of each )

    Turkey, sage and cranberry mini pastizzi – served heated

    1.15 exc. Vat

    Pork, hoisin and cabbage sausage rolls – served heated

    1.25 exc. Vat

    Tortilla cups filled with pea, mint and prawn

    1.25 exc. Vat

    Figs stuffed with stilton & cranberries, wrapped in Parma ham

    1.25 exc. Vat
  • Starters ( serves 10-12 people )

    Leek and potato soup with crispy parmesan toasties – 3 litres

    25.00 exc. Vat

    Classic lasagne with a rich Bolognese and bechamel sauce

    47.00 exc. Vat

    Prawn, chorizo and zucchini risotto

    8.00 exc. Vat
  • Mains ( serves 10-12 people )

    Maltese sausage stuffed pork loin with apple and cinnamon gravy

    65.00 exc. Vat

    Bone out turkey thigh stuffed with pork, pistachio and cranberry served with gravy

    78.00 exc. Vat

    Classic Beef Wellington with Bordelaise sauce and mushroom duxelles

    118.00 exc. Vat
  • Sides ( serves 10-12 people )

    Brussels sprouts with pancetta and balsamic

    22.00 exc. Vat

    Roasted vegetables – squash, onion, leek, coloured pepper, parsnip, aubergine

    26.00 exc. Vat

    Rosemary and garlic roasted potato

    24.00 exc. Vat
  • Desserts ( serves 8-12 people )

    Chocolate toffee cake

    36.00 exc. Vat

    Strawberry napoleon (mille foglie)

    34.00 exc. Vat

    Brownie chocolate chip cheescake

    36.00 exc. Vat

    Lemon meringue cheescake

    36.00 exc. Vat

    Christmas Log with chocolate mousse – individual

    4.25 exc. Vat

    Pannacotta with raspberry and berry coulis – individual

    4.00 exc. Vat
  • Extras

    Mince pies

    1.00 exc. Vat

    Selection of truffles (dark chocolate and ginger, whiskey gums) – minimum 30

    0.75 exc. Vat

    Selection of macaroons

    1.25 exc. Vat

    Mini hazelnut chocolate Rochers

    1.25 exc. Vat
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